BON COEUR which translates to KIND HEART in french was born out of the passion of its founder, Jenni Calo.  As a vegan since 2014 she has been fully committed to her love of animals and determination to never use animal products, whether that be in food, fashion, beauty or home.
Her previous career path from Fashion to Home design has given her invaluable experience within the world of design and manufacturing.  Gaining in-depth knowledge as to the ins and outs of the industry and what it takes to make these products.  While working in the Home industry it became evidently clear how challenging it is to find items for the home that were actually free of animal products and that matched her aesthetics and her core values.  
The food, beauty and fashion markets have been at the forefront of vegan changes, but she wanted to help bring the same vegan focus and change to the home market as well.  From vegan leathers to organic and natural fibers, to humane + animal free supplies that produce the products.
The goal of Bon Coeur Home + Wellness is to be a one-stop shop for vegans and likeminded people who want to find unique and chic items for their homes and themselves.  Where home goods and wellness products that specialize in being vegan + cruelty free are specifically sourced and curated to be on one website.  
Not only does Bon Coeur care about animals, but the planet as a whole.  From sustainability, organic fabrics, recycled/upcycled materials, low carbon emissions, marginalized business partners and onward.
We know that Bon Coeur will be a continuously evolving brand, as suppliers utilize new technologies and techniques, as companies become vegan certified, we will continue to grow with them.
Photo by Khaki Bedford Photography | At Ladybird Vegan Restaurant NYC
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